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Tecnosilent Panels

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The TECNOSILENT modular panels are self-supporting, with an high acoustic absorption level. They are realized in galvanized sheet steel and later painted, by a polyester powder process at the temperature of 200 degrees, in RAL 7035 our standard (different RAL on request). In the internal part are composed by a mattress of mineral wool in M0 class corresponding to the A1 euro-class, in the internal side is employed a thin layer in fiberglass to protect against the dust, held in with a galvanized micro-pierced sheet steel.

Soundproof Baffles

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Soundproof Baffles are used for acoustic insulation of stonework air duct and canalizations where foreseen by the project the duct can be divided in different sections thanks to the modular structures of the baffles.
RC COMPONENTI INSONORIZZAZIONE S.R.L produce baffles assembled in prefabricate structures or supplied as singular elements. They are used even for the realization of Phonodyad barriers (railway and highway barriers)  mono and bi- absorbent with great results.



Modular panels for walls-covering










The RMI panels find an optimal employment in the covering of the inside walls of a civil or industrial room in which there is a noise source. The soundproof covering has the purpose of adjust the reverb of the room to avoid that the acoustic ejection level (because of the reflection in the room) intensify over the normal characteristic level of the noise source. This allow to obtain two results: the former is to improve the total insulating effect towards the outside and the further is to make the internal environments much more deaf and adequate for the staff that works there. The modularity and the montage accessory makes RMI panels an adoptable component with an easy application, strong and resistant and with a great aesthetic effect: an high quality product down market.


The modular panels RMI are self-supporting and with an high acoustic absorption. They are products in galvanized sheet steel and, by request, painted with RAL series paint. Inside are composed by a mattress in mineral wool (in M0 class compliant with A1 Euro-class) and by a layer in fiberglass to protect from dusts.